Monday, July 30, 2012

Remodeling Project Part 1

Assalamualaikum , hello my beautiful readers.. its been a while and i guess i need to write more now before DPA**

Sekarang nie, mak dalam process me-renovate rumah untuk keselesaan di masa akan datang. Maklumlah ahli bertambah ramai.. faktor kekurangan ahli nampaknya makin tiada. paling tidak pun rumah pun akan sedikit kosong lagi 2 tahun.. (marriage, college, boarding school) MAYBE lah..

As far as i concern, i've been busy with work. Sometimes, tak sempat nak keeping up with the kardashian pun. Kawan kawan pun lama tak jumpa. and i never have time to sit down and remodel bilik yang tak lama lagi nak siap.Ehem.

My mum pulak seriously nak hire a professional I.D. Oh come on.. We would spend like thousands RM to them for the idea that they catch up from the internet. Daripada membazir, why not kita sendiri yang come out with our design. Tak perlu nak 3D bagai. Just GOOGLE any ID pictures that suits your taste and remodel into your own space and idea. Kalau nak senang, tiru bulat bulat.. like i care!

So, last weekend after google-ing random pictures about bedroom, i took a pencil and started to sketch. Impress? Its beeen a while i didnt sketch tho...hmm so my remodeling project starts now..

Here's what i plan to do:

1 Make sure of the room measurement so that i can start my remodeling project part by part.
2 This might sound a lil bit crazy but seriously i have downloaded Sweet Home 3D, a free interior design
   application that helps you place your furniture on a house 2D plan, with a 3D preview. Mula mula macam
   taknak 3D tapi bila dah ada free software plus amateur like me pun bole guna so why not kan?
   Here's the link : :
3 Ive planned to divide my room into a few sections such as:
4 I've realise that i need to add on other elements for instance natural light, furnitures, room accesories and
   theme colour.
5 Complicated enough? I think so... tapi let me tunjukkan a few example from sweet home 3D (extremely
   not my piece of work)

6 Selepas dah partitionkan dalam bentuk plan 3D, baru start list down barang barang keperluan yang nak
  disumbatkan kedalam bilik itu nanti juga part by part. Kalau boleh letak estimated price and places where
   to get it.
7 Melalui 3D ni, kita boleh letak siap siap jenis pencahayaan yang kita nak, effect kepada bilik pada waktu
   siang dan malam, serta warna sebenar bilik apabila ia siap nanti. Kalau tak tepat pun at least 85% of the
   idea will be there right?

Good enough? i'll be continue to post my remodeling project Part 2 in my next entry.

Till then.. Bye.

** DPA = Diploma Perkhidmatan Awam will be on October this year... \(*-*)/