Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Pre Vacation Note - Part One

Holla readers, mencuri sedikit masa untuk membuat sedikit update. Since not gonna be able to update when  away in Sipadan. Memberi sedikit bekalan untuk korang merindui mak nie....hahaha.

Just wanna share the pre-plan vacation. First, the idea of getting a diving licence was initiated by my BFF I-Know who seriously wanna say "HI" to barracudas. Aku pun decide untuk chip in. Mana tau kalau this is the very last time we spend good times before getting married. U know lah kan, kalau dah ada asben nanti restricted lah pulak. Mase belum terikat lagi nie, gunakan sepenuhnya.

Suppose kami berdua jer yang pergi but we managed to invite other friends to join us. Yeay! its a party. Dengan perasaan bercampur aduk, i dont know what to expect. I dont even know how to swim. Inikan pulak dive! So first thing first, Flight Tix. survey punyer survey , discuss punya discuss, tak cukup dengan YM, sambung texting each other and a few calls before we made up our mind. The good thing is we never see each other in a few weeks but  managed to agree on a same decision. So AA offered the best price compared to others. Terus je beli tanpa pikir panjang. This thing happen back in December, 2010. Ouch that's last year!

crime partners for sipadan from left cammy, i-kno and mE
Then we start discussing on the trainer's provider. Since I-know had referral, so we agreed to go for the same trainer. Seems everything is under single package, belasah je lah. Janji sampai sane tak payah pikir ape dah, cuma bawak badan jer. Heard that our package is a budget package and its meant for amateurs. HAHAHA. 

alo alo alo comey nyer dia.....
 Tunggu punyer tunggu, rupanyer esok lusa dah we all nak terbang. Leaving behind KL/Putrajaya for Mabul- Sipadan Escape. Ape lagi nak bawak eh?  Baju, swimming set, prayer mat, selipar jepang, sumer dah ade. Since aku nieh PBSM kat sekolah, aku sangat concern pasal ubat ubatan dan toiletries.

Tshirt dengan spirit vacation on the beach menjadik inspirasi!

Rejoice everybody!



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