Monday, November 22, 2010

Abah..Can i have this?

Hola readers..hows ur day so  far?  Wish that u have a great days ahead... Well this entry is specially dedicated to my  Abah.. He started to forget our normal customs i guess.... (' ',)


Since i left Uni, I haven't received any gift from u... Why oh Why can't I?

Maybe u are clueless, thinking of suitable+impressive+ super gorgeous thing to buy ..

Well clueless no more because anak abah yang tak malu nie is eyeing for something new..

Daddy... I Want This! Pleaseeeee~~~~

P/s: Aku tak tahu kenapa entry nie berbahasa Inggeris. maybe ade orang change language setting kat Miss
      Morning kowt;
P/s/s: Aku bukan nyer gadget savvy tapi kenapa aku mintak menatang tab nie erk? Maybe handBag dgn
         kasut dah banyak kowt. Kalau mintak konfem kena sepak..!;

P/s/s/s: Sila jgn muntah lah kalau bace entry nie. Abah aku pun 99.9% takkan jumpa dan baca entry nieh. 
           But have faith...miracle do happens. Mane tau dia TERbace suatu hari nanti...

Hasta Pronto,


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